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NMTD fan game #1-5 : 

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i feel so off

if you know what's going on in ferguson and you're white


Anonymous said: What do you think is a white person's ideal way of showing support at this time, all I can really think of is sign whatever petition comes our way and raise awareness of how fucked up that Police Department is. I'm also asking anonymously since I-- to be honest I really don't know.


  • Don’t try to draw away from this issue — this is a black issue. This is an issue of violence and sanctioned murder against black people. This is an issue of institutionalized racism. This is an issue of crimes against black people.
  • Don’t try to tell me ” not all white people are like this “, or how you ” have black friends ” or ” i know what this feels like ” — none of that is applicable like that. White people will honestly never know the kind of persecution, stigma and struggles black people have gone through and there’s not enough time in your lifetimes to fathom it.
  • If you want to show support then show support, don’t take away from our struggles and our pain at this time with your own messages or takes on the situation. Reblog legitimately sourced information, sign credible petitions on, blow up state senator’s twitters for justice, walk with us, cry with us, but don’t ever speak for us.